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polishing car paint


Marco Freitas of Perfection Auto Spa

a car receiving paint correction

YEAR 1999-2005

Growing up with a passion for automotive, Marco's father was a skilled auto body technician. Marco got his own start following his father's foot steps in auto body shop work.

a car getting water sanded and polished

YEAR 2005-2010

Leaving the body shop because he wanted to embark on his own journey and followed his passion for auto aesthetic detailing. Marco started his own auto detailing shop serving the Toronto Area

paint correction

YEAR 2010-2015

Continued to hone his craft. Marco and his team keep on pumping out exceptional draw-dropping paint work and wet sanding.

Ferrari getting paint correction

YEAR 2015-Present

Perfection Auto Spa continued to be the Go To for expert-level paint correction. Marco's passion for his craft has never been stronger than before. Continued till this day turning out outstanding #1 work in the industry. 

In  this industry, detailing shops are a dime a dozen. Unfortunately, the business is riddled with people with little to no experience "learning"  on your vehicle. This can be confirmed with a simple job search of  detailing shops looking to hire employees for paint correction with  little to no experience, yet offer “professional paint correction  services”. You hypothetically, take your vehicle to these facilities,  and they go behind closed doors in which you have no true idea what  process is being taken on your car, or who is working on your vehicle.  


At Perfection Auto Spa. no secrets with regards to whom is working on  your vehicle, products being used, or level of repair. It is our standard procedure to complete the paint correction process on one single panel, to show the client clear results. After the paint  correction process is complete, we show the customer the vehicle with  the bare, unwaxed, “naked” paint surface. After this process, we proceed  to enhance and protect the paint with various ceramic coatings, glazes,  sealants, synthetic or natural waxes. We at Perfection Auto Spa. carry most high-end ceramic coatings,and therefore are able to offer the best solution to the customer, free from bias.


In the world of detailing, there are many claiming professional “certified” services.  Our technicians however have been certified at the auto body level, as well as the detailing facility level of every level of paint correction. Our diverse  portfolio of clientele ranges from multi-million-dollar conglomerates,  to the average Torontonian simply looking for the best refinishing money can buy.


Our reputation means everything.

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